Back when GPLv3 came out and people still thought it was a good idea, a lot of packages switched away from GPLv2, which not everybody was happy with.

Many people have been maintaining their own local forks of the last releases usable under GPLv2 code. This website is attempting to collecting and unify these forks, and maintain GPLv2 versions of interesting projects such as binutils, gcc, and gdb.

[TODO: figure out how to do>github releases in appropriate branches so we don't have to check binaries into here.]

Binutils release magic: since "make dist" inexplicably doesn't work (because maintainers are _special_) the tarball was made via:

git clean -fdx &&
git checkout -f &&
patch -p1 -i binutils-screwinfo.patch &&
./configure --disable-werror &&
make configure-host &&
find . -name Makefile | xargs sed -i 's/^all:/& $(DIST_COMMON) $(EXTRA_DIST) $(DIST_SOURCES)/' &&
make &&
patch -p1 -Ri binutils-screwinfo.patch &&
make distclean

Apple's last gcc version

Gentoo gcc 4 patch collection

Aboriginal Linux patches.